Boho Earrings with filigree pattern dangle drop earrings by Allison Rose Atelier

The Spirit and Elements of Boho Chic

One Of A Kind & Uniquely Handmade  Earrings, Necklaces & Jewelry To Mark Moments In Life. Handmade and beautifully crafted.

The main tenets of the Boho lifestyle include individualism, peace of mind, and a love for nature. The "Chic" added on in the current millennia refers to the striking elegance associated primarily with Parisian style.

Boho earrings, filigree patterns in two two and silver plating. Dangle drop earrings. Pair with our boho necklaces
Boho earrings and jewelry is a style that originated from the bohemian culture. It's described as free-spirited, tribal, and ethnic. True to its origins, boho style jewelry gives you the freedom to mainstream fashion. It sets you free from the typical so you can experience a different type of style
Boho earrings filigree patterns with two tone gold and silver plating. Dangle Drop earrings and bohemian pendant necklace with charm and fringe tassels
The Bohemian style has been one of the most striking and famous “alternative” fashion choices for the past 200 years. The start of the Bohemian counterculture can be traced back to France in the years after the French Revolution.
Boho earrings and necklaces. Clover filigree patterns in silver plating. Pendand bohemian clover necklace
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